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January 16, 2004

Drudge Quoting Wesley Clark Out Of Context Mark Kleiman rightfully mocks Matt Drudge for taking Wesley Clark's words out of context and calling his story a "world exclusive. Digby found the transcript for Clark's testimony in front of the House Armed Services Committee. more inside
Hubble Shots This makes me stop and realize that my company's annual report and the daily butt kicking I receive for it are vastly less important than I make them out to be.
Tokyo Damage Report This is a weblog by an American jerk. This weblog is about interesting (meaning, fucked up) things that one can do in Tokyo. punk, visual, cosplay, s/m, gothic, street trends, capsule hotels, bizarre magazines, random subcultures, and bad Engrish. . . . All of the above and punk butts, scary guitars, and non-pornographic pornography.
"I am a republican and far from stupid. You however are an ignorant ass wipe!!!!" Comedian Margaret Cho's producer shares a sample of hate mail she received in response to a Drudge Report story that posted the transcript of the spirited performance by Cho during a January 12, 2004 MoveOn gathering in NYC.
Where is the mystery woman who started Beatlemania? Where could she be, USA Today wonders. "Her whereabouts today are unknown." But wait! There she is, in the very same day's Washington Post. Heh. (Reg. req. for WaPo)
ZIP Code Fun! Start typing a ZIP code, and as soon as you type even one number, it will highlight the area of the country that has that code, so when you type just "9" it highlights the whole West Coast. Type another number and that area jumps to a smaller area that has those two numbers at its beginning. [via Idle Type]
"Doggone Crazy! says it's a "great new dog bite prevention child safety game that we believe can benefit every family with or without a dog!" But just in case teaching your child to "stand like a tree" doesn't do the trick, there's also a link to the book, FATAL DOG ATTACKS.
Curling. Chuck yer stones. Happy Friday!
Create your own pixellated city.
Via the NYTimes, of all places.
Liberally re-dubbed and re-edited GI Joe cartoons. Best suited for those whose humor taste leans toward the bizarre and utterly random.
A History of The Lobotomy. "He anesthetized them with three rapid bursts of electric shock. He then drew the upper eyelid away from the eyeball, exposing the tear duct. The sharp point of the ice pick was placed in this, and then, as Freeman put it, "a light tap with a hammer is usually all that is needed to drive the point through the orbital plate". The ice pick was plunged into the brain. When it was about two inches inside, Freeman would pull the ice pick about 30 degrees backward, as far as he could without cracking the skull, and then move it up and down in another 20 degree arc, in order to cut the nerves at the base of the frontal lobes." An infamous chapter in medical history. [via Fark]
Get Your War On Mars. Meanwhile, the Democrats have sent out rovers of their own [Flash.]
The Art of Ray Caesar. Strange & Beautiful Nightmares, all 100% Digital...{Via Scrubbles!}