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December 14, 2003

Monkeys can now leap onto new trees Just in case anyone didn't know, StumbleUpon is a great tool for surfing the web.
Robots Will Kill Graffiti Gallery. more inside
"Canadians too patriotic, Americans say in study" OTTAWA - Canadians should be careful not to appear "boastful" to Americans, who are insecure because of the war in Iraq and admit they are annoyed by northerners showing off the maple leaf on their luggage when they travel, a federal report says. "This underscores the American sensitivity at feeling rejected by the rest of the world ..." more inside
Saddam believed to have been captured: They found him in Tikrit, his hometown. They seem to be doing DNA tests to make sure it's him and not one of his doppelgangers. The resulting circus should be interesting. Will he get tried by the UN, or will we go it alone again? (via Fox)
Go for it.
Resources get moved Osama plays where he gets most bang for the buck
Not so much The Onion, as Onion Bhaji -- Asian Underground, a website covering not so important Asian issues from ghettostan. [via Metafilter] more inside
Dept. of WTF? All the latest Breaking Headlines from Saudi Arabia. Or maybe not.
Monkey Kung Fu! Paulie Zink is a fifth generation master of the art of Ta Sheng Men Kung Fu. He is also teaches a distinctive style of Chinese yoga he calls Taoist Yoga.
The Alan Moore Index. To mark Alan Moore's 50th birthday and his retirement from mainstream comics, Ninth Art presents a look back at our coverage of the [comics] industry's greatest innovator. more inside