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December 10, 2003

Before there were aliens to abduct hapless rural wanderers, other mysterious beings did the work for them. Here is the story of Robert Kirk . more inside
Killographic: Violent games are corrupting our children! Addicting them body and soul. Like masturbation only not as sticky. Or as fun. (via Penny Arcade)
Retired Generals 'come out' against Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy - Three retired military officers, two generals and an admiral who have been among the most senior uniformed officers to criticize the "don't ask, don't tell" policy for homosexuals in the military, disclosed on Tuesday that they are gay. (NY Times link)
GloFish : Looking for that perfect gift for the special little raver in your life? How about a black light and a genetically modified fish that glows red.
Fossil Penis Spam Scientists discover world's oldest fossilized penis. In other news, a revolutionary new pill promises to enlarge it. Spam scientists are still trying to figure out how to send unsolicited emails to dead five millimetre long crustaceans.
Test your knowledge of RVs in the movies!
Guy: I'm crazy over you... (I really am)
Gettin Bizzy. ATF Director to Head Music Industry's Anti-Piracy Efforts. more inside
The Yuckiest Little Miniature Golf Course in the West. The first hole is called "Poo Monkey." [Via Milk and Cookies.]
Can you drive? [note: shockwave] Apparently, I can't.
Stocking Stuffers. Looking for something for the sex-positive vegan dyke on your holiday gift list? Not often that a lesbian/feminist owned business gets product placement in Playboy. [Obviously, this may be NSFW for some]
What Your Great-Grandparents Spent Their Allowances On.
Happy Birthday Jim, wherever you are. more inside
Henry Rollins On Television