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December 07, 2003

I am the monkey. I can go anywhere. [Flash]
WiseAcre Gardens: Gardening and Looney Tunes.
How much does it take to turn a straight man gay? According to Uncool Central, a mere six pack of beer. You may scoff, but the evidence is there... [may be nsfw, if your prudish boss doesn't like you looking at pictures of (tastefully covered) naked men]
Missing Persons - Is anyone else increasingly disturbed by the fact that while thousands of people are reported missing each year, we only hear about the young attractive white women on the national news? What about everyone else?
I go looking in other people's songs for their sailors and their towns. I don't know, everybody has things that they gravitate towards. Some people put toy cars or clouds or cat crap. Everybody puts something different, and it's entirely up to you what belongs and what doesn't. They're interesting little vessels of emotional information, and you carry them in your pocket like a bagel. Today is the birthday of one Tom Waits. Go check out his most recent albumns, read an interview, or try to figure out when the next Waitstock is. Better yet, slump on down to your nearest dive and drink till you feel pretty.
Meet The War Nerd Gary Brecher, a self-described slob and data-entry drone from Fresno, CA, writes with passion about the nature of warfare and the ongoing wars - those on the front page and otherwise - that are being fought every day around the world. Frequently funny, always in-your-face and often very insightful, his 40 articles for the Moscow-based eXile make for interesting, entertaining, enlightening and perhaps enraging reading. Gary loves war and he's not afraid to tell you all about it.
Be Andy Warhol For Fifteen Minutes.
International Snow Sculpture Championship Some of them can be quite complicated. [via b3ta]