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November 29, 2003

Butterflies on Japanese crests Japanese family crests contain numerous designs based on butterflies.
a guide to very eclectic australian sound and noise makers including a guy who plays record players (as opposed to a guy who plays records on record players) The mind numbing mediocrity offered up by the global- music-mart can't be avoided; but while using this archive it can temporarily be ignored
The Texas Camels
No, it's not a new MLB expansion team; wild herds of camels can be spotted along US Hwy 287 in the vicinity of Wichita Falls, Texas. What are camels doing roaming Texas pastures? While this lot is apparently there for mesquite control [scroll down to bottom of page], importing camels into the Lone Star state dates back to 1835.
ZooperStars Shaquille O'Seal, Harry Canary, Shark McGuire and Clammy Sosa dancing and clowning for your family entertainment. more inside
Activism, Old Ladies, and Funny Hats. The Raging Grannies emerged in the late 1980's to bring attention to pressing peace, justice, and environmental issues. Their goal was to create a more humane, just and non-violent world for their grandchildren and for all the world's people. Hint: The Seattle Chapter has the best songbook by far.
This website, which spoofs the n-gage mobile game deck made the rounds a bit ago, but I wanted to share it with those of you whom may have missed it
The truth behind a bizarre tradition more inside
Step lightly Be sure to welcome your new kitten overlords.
Want to buy Jaws' jaws? A NZ fisherman who expressed "remorse" last week after catching a 7-metre pregnant great white shark is trying to sell the shark's jawbone - but only if the price is right. Unable to get $20,000NZ for the jaw, he's asking $10,000NZ. Any takers? And, by the way, is it reasonable to profit from accidentally killing an endangered species?