October 06, 2005

  • HUH! Good God, y'all! What is it good for? Free software from Google, say it again!
  • Fight the power!
  • Say it again
  • I say this is a good thing, although the software is nothing new. Rather, it will be getting a lot more attention (for those who choose utilize the google toolbar anyway).
  • Great! I hope they will defeat those germa^H^H^H microsoftscum..
  • "In a war between devils and angels, the only true winner is man." -former jesuit instructor of mine who's name escapes me just this second, but overall a very wise guy, if somewhat disenchanted at the time he said this with the whole priestly thang.
  • Will there be a component that scans my documents for keywords and emails me relevant text ads?
  • Lara makes a good point there. I use gmail, and although the spam filter seems to keep all the unwanted stuff out so far, there are definately a lot of 'related' ads on the sidebar. It does beg the question how infiltrating google plans to get as far as their relentless bombarding of advertising.
  • Oh yeah, and down with Microsoft. Any competition they can't just buy and control is good as far as I'm concerned.
  • This would be interesting if I thought Microsoft and Google were going to load up on military hardware and slug it out in the Northern California free-fire zones, but no, it's just plain old business war. No bodies lying on the I-90 right of way. No mad assaults on the dark towers of Microsoft or Google. No embedded reports doing their best to avoid substantive reporting. Just blah, man. Blah.
  • I doubt this will make MS Office any better - but it would be good for a lot of people if this made MS Office cheaper. There are no rules in a knife fight... somebody say 1-2-3-go!
  • Who wants to die?
  • You know, you can always access it by downloading OpenOffice (essentially the same software as StarOffice) and then you don't have to rely on Google OR Microsoft. Then you'll officially be a rebel in the war on terro^h^h^h^h^h users.
  • Bah. Such a big headline for such a small thing. DonĀ“t shock me! I thought the war Iran-US had finally brought out.
  • I'll dust off the Kalashnikov for Google. Personally, I don't really mind the keyword ads in Gmail, and wouldn't mind them in an Office-ish app.
  • Ballmer is going to be throwing office furniture, trashing cubicles, absolutely going apeshit over this, I can tell.
  • I like it.
  • What is it good for? Absolutely nuth'n! Or, we'll see. Anything that rattles MS is ok by me.