October 03, 2005

More for the Monet Joan's Monets: 'Every Christmas my Aunt Joan gives me a Monet calendar. After a couple years the same old paintings become dull. So she started enhancing the master's works...' Via plep

Could not resist the unexpected warmth of my favorite Haystacks, End of Summer, Morning Effect with Horsies but there is also much to be said for Young Woman with Parasol and Squirrels.

  • That rules! My favourite is "Camille Monet on a Garden Bench Eating a Taco" Thanks Bees! ((((
  • Definitely improved.
  • A dog pisses on a tree. The tree remains.
  • This tree remains wet. Unlike M. Monet.
  • Sweet and offers a fresh look at Monet. Funny stuff.
  • I really liked this. My favorite is "Le Palais Contarini avec Poisson"
  • The Sorry Incident of PMS in the Meadow The teatray's got some squirrel poo on it, I am enraged by Ann's red bonnet. I thrash my brolly to and fro, as squirrels fly high and squirrels fly low. My twisted skirts and shredded sash bear witness as I lash and lash. I shan't survive to taste a tart: A gladiolus pierced my heart.
  • Delightful, tick!!!
  • Great post! What a fun idea!
  • heh. Advantage: whimsy! Hey waitaminit - Octopi don't use binoculars!!
  • I like Eddie Breen better.
  • She works hard for the Monet . . . So haaard for it honet . . . she works haard for the Monet so you . . better . . treat her . . right *cough*
  • Heh. Yes, it's apples and oranges time. For a beginner, the light-hearted and even careless touch of Aunt Joan has a sprightly daring which Mr Breen's more ponderous works lack in my eyes. Her stuff makes me laugh. His makes me worry about apoplexy and the artist. But wot do I know?
  • With Horsies!
  • Great stuff. Oddly enough, I too have a Monet calendar in the back room. Not much left of the year, but I certainly could express myself a bit there. Click on the link of Obscene Decor--it's a riot (of color) and a way to see how the other half (of the Monkey farm) lives. (Petebest, was that you in the fifth pic?)
  • Petebest beat me to it, I've had that fucking song going round my head all nite because of this post.
  • I figure this thread is about sticker shock.
  • so... no one thinks that Monet is turning in his grave? being a monet fan, i don't think i'm fond of the modified versions. but i guess "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". i might have to post one of the shots on my site just for fun. at least, the japanese garden with the bridge (my fave) didn't get tainted.
  • Possible monkeys are too sophisticated to suppose Monet would be any less so. What would probably twirl Monet in his grave is the fact he never got any of the juicy prices his works are bringing in nowadays. Speaking of sticker shock.
  • bees, that was puncalled for.