February 16, 2004

Spooky Ventriloquist Dummies From Your Childhood, Eager To Invade Your Dreams Again... Let's get this straight: Charlie McCarthy WAS the spawn of Satan.
  • Wot I want to know is, where's Effie Klinker got to? And where are the snows of yesteryear, while we're asking, chiz, chiz.
  • dummies really scare me--it's all because of that movie, i think. (meanwhile, I can't believe the people who run the site have Lucy's dishes!)
  • AmberG-- Yes-- "Magic' is an excellent chiller and even better than the book, I think. For sheer pound for pound creepsville-I-peed-myself, however, I nominate that clown doll in the boy's bedroom in "Poltergeist". He didn't say a word, he was on screen for maybe 20 seconds total, but that took me back to when things ACTUALLY DID HAVE POWERS, there was MALICE in the AIR, and I knew I'd be THE FIRST TO DIE. Being a kid was awful!
  • Ventriloquists, magicians, clowns, and mimes need to go AWAY! FOREVER!