September 30, 2005

New Bill Stewart Album. World renowned jazz drummer Bill Stewart has released his newest album via cdbaby. As well, he plays on Kevin Hays' what survives, also released on cdbaby. Anybody know of any other well known artists who have chosen to self release albums instead of dealing with the record label mafia? All styles of music welcome; we monkeys have broad tastes.

I'm a huge Bill Stewart fan, and found these purely by accident. I immediately thought about the other albums that I don't know are out there, but would love to own. I think pretty much anything not available on Amazon is fair game for this thread. BTW, I posted a review of the Stewart album on Amazon, and they edited out where I mention that it's only available on cdbaby.

  • I just read on Boingboing yesterday that Harvey Danger is releasing their new album for free download in its entirety.
  • Bill's a great drummer. Larry Goldings is ace too.
  • The current paradigm in the RIAA is under attack from artists and audiences and rightly so IMO. I hope that more artists like Bill Stewart move towards self production and cut out the thieving, bloated, robber barons in the RIAAA who hurt both audiences and artists with thier avaricious practices.
  • FYI, most of the non-signed artists I know of release their stuff on amazon too. You don't need to be a big label, or probably even a label at all, to sell through them. And I would hardly fault them for not advertising for a competitor... (it's available from one of their affiliate sellers)