September 29, 2005

A horrible kind of hydroplaning can occur when kissing too glossed lips And other cartoons in the style of the Far Side. Some are deliciously twisted, some are chuckleworthy, and some are just plain odd.
  • I hate lip gloss, and I knew there had to be a rational reason for it.
  • Haha. Great post. )
  • "in the style of Far Side"? In what way are these in the style of The Far Side? The Far Side was both intelligent and funny. These are neither. YMMV
  • Some are pretty amusing, imo. But what is with all the random nudity?
  • I'm with you djryan and it's got monkeys, what's not to love?
  • And tapirs! FarSide was in a class all its own. Actually, they remind me more of some of Stephen Gross' stuff, or maybe or Futzy Nutzle. Not so much Gehan Wilson, other than he does what he thinks is funny, even if it wouldn't work for most.
  • It's not great, but this one made me laugh.
  • This one made me snort coffee out my nose.