September 29, 2005

Jesus will see your bet and raise you. It's time to Ante(och) up, sinners. Our Lord and Saviour is in the house and he's staring at a sweet straight when the dealer drops the river.

Turns out God doesn't play dice with the universe. He plays Texas Hold'em. Another pic. Anyone offended by the wording of this post should just get over it. I'm pretty sure God's big enough to take a little ribbing. Not so sure about Adam, though.

  • Faith Chips are not just designed to carry around as a personal reminder - but rather as an ultra cool mini tract to hand out. Ultra cool. Yeah.
  • I don't think Jesus would be a very good gambler. He'd always raise.
  • Gamblin' chips, hardware for the boys and little scrunchies and stickers for the girls. Yessir, throw in a heapin' helpin of fried foods, repress those sinful urges until your sphincter quivers and you got yourselves some good ol' time religion! Praise Jebus! Now who wants to help us string us up some different people?! guh.
  • darn you Argh!
  • Don't forget the inspirational tin signs.
  • Praise ponies? makes me think of Pony Play... Silence, man-horse!
  • Heheh Christians so easily forget the tenets of their own fuckin' religion.
  • I call.
  • I'll raise you. HA HA HA HA oh