September 28, 2005

Curious George: Trick for finding free iTunes downloads? Am wondering if anyone knows of a trick for finding free downloads on iTunes. Question sparked when, recently, a thread floated around the web about some free downloadable Scandinavian pop music. Does one just have to stumble across the freebies, or is there a way to find them?
  • They post one free track a week, every Tuesday. It's listed on the main page of the iTunes music store.
  • hey that's some trick!
  • Occasionally there are also special album downloads that you can get. These aren't always listed on the freebie list, and I've always stumbled on to them via iTunes-related blogs. I download the weekly stuff from the front page pretty religiously, but I don't get the weekly iTunes mail, so I don't know if they're listed there. You might sign up for it and see if they tell you about the specials like the Scandinavian stuff.
  • Amazon has a good selection of free downloads. Git ya some of the Sufjan Stevens and John Hiatt.
  • If you sign up to talk with national guard recruiters you can get two free itunes downloads. Whoopee.
  • Epitonic and Better Propoganda have tons and tons of free, DRM-free, legal music.
  • My favorite source of free, legal MP3s is You Ain't No Picasso--it's introduced me to a lot of great bands. My favorites thus far are Dressy Bessy, Bishop Allen, and The Rinse. 3Hive is really good, too.