September 26, 2005

Hoverboy, AWAY! A comprehensive site for all things Hoverboy.

Old fans, be sure to revisit Robot Rampage. Just as glorious as ever.

  • Hoverboy’s first breakthrough into mainstream culture came with the attack on Pearl Harbor. While comic book heroes such as Superman and Captain America took the fight to the enemy, Hoverboy remained on the home front, routing subversives, smashing trade unions and keeping Japanese Americans in their assigned internment camps... ROTFL!
  • One post? Where the heck is everybody? This is good shit! /crickets
  • Surreal, but very good. The current update is a strange bit of news indeed.
  • Well, Cap, this one is just a nodder for me. I read the page, nodded, said yeah I get the joke, and was left with little to say.
  • Shoot, this should have garnered more than four comments. The Hoverboy stuff itself is surreal and silly, but the best is the guy's Other Works. Between CYBORG POLICE OFFICER and the Luchador vs. the asteroid, I was quite amused. "Homeless Ninja are everywhere!"
  • Seriously. Four, five comments? What gives? Did I post at completely the wrong time AGAIN? /cicadas
  • Yeah, the animated bits in his other work are brilliant. I don't know why this didn't get more comments, but I don't pretend to understand the whims of the simians.
  • Just gotten a heads-up that Hoverboy will be coming out in print very soon. Hoverboy #1. Set contemporaneously, so Hoverboy will be defending America by serving Chimpy. Hoverboy #1. Coming soon. Grab it. You have been duly advised. Govern yourself accordingly.