September 19, 2005

Rock Paper Scissors: now with Fire, Water, Air and Sponge! Your favorite decision-making game has been updated with more gestures. Now the designer has gone from the original three to FIFTEEN!

Who knew there were so many ways to figure out who goes on a beer run, or changes a diaper, or takes out the trash? The plan is to start out slow, with the 7-gesture game, and gradually work our way up to 15-gesture game so our daughter will be familiar with it as a family tradition. In the meantime, I've printed the design for the fridge to solve any quibbles over who beats what. because I'm old and this is definitely a new trick.

  • I'd suck at this game, what with me casting the Horns of Satan every single time... Yargh!
  • Damn preview, all wonky today...
  • I like his comments: how could anything beat a dragon, indeed? I also like the fact he's got a decent relationship with his stepdaughter (until she gets older and his lovable-dorkness is no longer cool).
  • ALWAYS lovable is the dorkiness! Ahhrr. Them that be nerd hasslin' will be kicked! To Davy Jones' locker, Aye!
  • Air has the additional advantage of being one of the universal "made-ya-look" symbols. That's like double-damage.
  • And the 12th gesture... shit.
  • I don't think I can endorse 15 gesture RPS, simply because I don't think I could give up that 5 gesture version that includes Spock! and Lizard!!
  • I'll stick with the dog/bone/gun my mother taught me, thank you.
  • Will have to try playing this, but already foresee a lot of fussing since it is not so easy to understand how Sponge overcomes Air, etc. Seriously contemplating altering all the gesture-names to some hitherto unknown tongue Zarp, Wunk, Fult, or maybe The Sign of Three, The Rabbit's Restroom, Squish etc in the interests of keeping the clamour down.
  • I had some epic matches of _______, _______, _______ in my earlier days. It's basically like rock paper scissors except you make up your choice on the spot. (e.g.: apache helicopter vs plastic explosive, or earthquake vs ship o' crazed bloodtharsty pirates)
  • nnnnnnnnyyyeeerrrrrrmmmmmmmm, pen missile!!! old but good
  • Report re the 7-Gesture Game: Seven players -- five adults, two teen-agers, each with a copy of the layout and moves to consult. Over two centuries of game-playing experience bent to the task! We agreed to a 30 minutes-trial. By the end of 20 minites we all agreed we never wanted to see it again. Player comments; "Too confused", "too complicated with more then two or three playing", "it takes too long to figure who's out and who's in -- and who cares!" So we aborted the rest of the trial period, and went to watch the neighbour's two black labs playing Frisbee.
  • Hundreds of what?