September 19, 2005

Jabberwacky has apparently won the 2005 Loebner Prize (for the chatbot whose conversation comes nearest to passing the Turing Test), pipping the former winner Alice.
  • Arrrr, I prefer exchange with me chum beeswacky!
  • When I tried them out, Jabberwacky seemed to lose the thread more quickly than Alice. They all trip up eventually, of course. And you may lay to that, my bucko.
  • Avast!!
  • Jabberwacky: Are you an alien? User: No, I be a pirate! Arrr! Jabberwacky: I be a boy. User: Now swab the poop deck, boy, or I'll keelhaul ye! Jabberwacky: Not so fast... We do things my way. User: Insolent, scurvy wretch! It's the plank for ye! Jabberwacky: I can tell you I have enjoyed your chatting place. User: Let's see how ye enjoy the brig, then, with varmin for company. Jabberwacky: OK. Let's talk in portuguese then. User: Eu não gosto de falar português. Jabberwacky: Não gosta de que?
  • Jabberwacky successfully exchanged in some pirate talk with me: JWacky: I have nothing to say. Me: Can you talk like a pirate? JWacky: You sure look pretty. Me: Avast! JWacky: Hoist the capstan! Me: Shiver me timber! JWacky: Yaar, matey. I be a river pirate, plying my trade on the mighty Saskatchewan! Me: Ahoy! And how does she blow? JWacky: Mother knows best.
  • Jabberwacky: When were you last backed up? User: What on earth? Must we start the conversation with accusations of buggery? Jabberwacky: Yes how about a contract. User: Thanks, but there's no one I need knocking off right now. Jabberwacky: What about god? User: Oh no! You must be a Cylon! Jabberwacky: In a world with natchos, satin rugs, snozzberrys and twarlifairies then technically, yes.
  • It's too slow an interface.
  • Three Day Monk is a cyborg!
  • Reeking of confoundery, this be. Yarrr?
  • Alice has a much better sense of humor.
  • Alice, Jabberwacky seems to be down--I'm getting a "Failed to open page" link.
  • Actually, it turns out that the link in the FPP is down, but works just fine (albeit verrrrry slowly at the moment.)
  • Sorry about that, Jacob. Turns out second place actually went to Eugene Goostman. You can now read transcripts of the actual contest exchanges.