September 16, 2005

In New Zealand we take our bananas seriously. Recent auction for banana guard. Fits both Costa Rican AND Ecuadoran. Read the whole page. (Hat tip to our own rodgerd, who runs the stupid-stuff mailing list, and subscriber Bruce Norris, without whom I would never have seen this).
  • Here and here is the typical response.
  • Sorry vitalorgnz I see the post is about the comments not the product.
  • *gasp* they're in my town! I could totally buy it!
  • ...except the auction is closed. Damn.
  • Sheesh, tracicle! I just discarded mine. If only I'd known you were pining for one!
  • What an extremely nifty device!
  • Yikes! $56! /tears open garbage bags
  • Malfunctions are rare and normally operator based, in reality a monkey could use this thing. WELL! Doesn't that speak volumes about the seller's bias.
  • I bet it wouldn't have sold for so much if the seller wasn't a marketing and question-answering genius. The first thing #2 said when he saw the auction was, "This would be great for tramping (hiking)." And there are a lot of trampers in NZ, so maybe that's partly why. /overanalysis