September 11, 2005

The *Art Parade. Do you suppose that someone associated with an art event might have considered that their logo design looks a bit … oFF? This is one parade where I’d not want to bring up the rear….
  • There is art in the winds...
  • It was the mushroom and onion penne that did it to me.
  • am i missing something?...i'm always up for a good goatse sighting, but ummm...i'm just not seeing it....maybe you've never seen this before?
  • Yeah, I'm not seeing any FF logo either. Help us out.
  • 'Tisn't a goatse, it's the quasi-F at the beginning of the logo. It almost seems...deliberate.
  • that doesn't look like an f! you people are nuts!
  • I"m with those who saw the "f" right away.
  • Monkeyfilter: I'm with those who saw the "f" right away
  • What, we can't say fart now? FUCK!
  • Marching down the street my art is discreet, Yes, you can say it (sigh), but, its hard to see with the eye!
  • Heh. Fart.
  • It's not Fark, it's Fart!
  • I don't know farts, but I know what I like.
  • You sick fucks.
  • Fart for fart's sake.
  • Looking a second time I saw the F. That's just funny.
  • Fart aside, considering that it's advertising a parade about art, that's one butt-ugly poster.