September 10, 2005

Sitcom Doors Do you remember where the doors were in sitcoms? Take the quiz to see how many you remember. ...and be reminded of how much of your life you have wasted in front of a tv... (hint: if a sitcom has a door that is even slightly to the rear, the quiz counts it as center rear, even if it is on the left rear or whatever)

I got an 80% I'm not sure if that is good or sad...

  • 32% Never seen most of 'em.
  • 68% That's better than I thought, given that I haven't seen most of these in yeeeears.
  • Eh... some of these take place in a living room... with the door outside to the right (from our perspective) and the kitchen we never see to the left. There is no option for multiple doors.
  • 88%. I am such teh luser.
  • Would be nice if the person made it clearer that it's the FRONT door. I got 68%
  • The front door? I thought it was the other door. And I haven't seen about 90% of the shows. So I got 44% by guessing.
  • Have only seen only Leave it to Beaver of the shows listed. However, by answeting To the Right to every question time I got 40%.
  • 68% 12% less loser than jccalhoun and 20% less loser than middleclasstool yesssssssss.
  • 52%... expected to do more... does that mean I'm less of a loser than I thought? Besides, the real issue about sitcoms isn't the location of the doors, it's the strange shape of the rooms...
  • This is the kind of survey question that requires absolutely no research or accuracy because no one with a good sense of priority would give a damn.
  • 56%. And the comforting knowledge that some people have OCD so much worse than I do that they'd be driven to create this website.
  • 56% 13 of those shows I have never seen ever. Never heard of 227. I do watch a shitload of TV though.
  • Who gives a shit?
  • 88% I was afraid of that.
  • That's the old spirit of community, Debaser!
  • 0% Didn't take the test. I looked at the list and thought about it, and then realised that I just don't care.
  • Yeah, who gives a shit? I'm gonna say that to every fuckin' thing now.
  • 76%, and I guessed for everything before 1985. Good guessing, considering I've never seen 227, Good Times or Charles in Charge. It's definitely the front door - not the kitchen door.
  • The end of civilisation is now surely upon us. I'm pretty sure this quiz was one of the signs of the coming apocalypse mentioned in Revelations. It was easy to miss as sitcoms were only alluded to allegorically by St. John. I believe It was under the section dealing with pestilence.
  • 72% I am surprised how easily these answers came to me. Even for shows that I hated.
  • What kind of crappy, door-deficient, retarded, puppy-fucking inbred loser sitcoms are we talking about that only have one door? Basic bloody principles of farce, you can't only have one single, pathetic door. Jesus fucking Christ in a diaper, only one door, shit.
  • Also, there absolutely was a second door at the centre rear of the main set on Fresh Prince, which is the only one of these puppy-fucking loser sitcoms I've ever seen. It led out to the garden. So whoever made this quiz is a fruitbat.
  • *smacks flashboy across the face, a la the male lead to the hysterical female lead in old black and white films*
  • *throws glass of gin in HawthorneWingo's face*
  • 52%. I blame my low score on the test's lack of clarity. I was surprised that I didn't have to hesitate for Mr. Belvedere or Charles in Charge. I thought those memories would have been wiped out by years of alcohol abuse by now. Instead, I can't remember grade five.
  • I could find my way through the Bewitched house blindfolded, including the bathrooms. I'm pretty sure I could even get the right cupboard for a glass of water on the first try.