September 10, 2005

Real-Time HTML Editor
  • That is a good idea - a good way to learn. I am assuming there is a script running that does something like OutputDiv.innerHTML = CodeTextBox.value; every time the textbox changes...
  • Doesn't understand the BLINK tag though. ; )
  • Unfortunately, blink worked for me.
  • This is pretty cool. Thanks, Chyren.

  • It takes style sheet commmands. This is fun, though useless.
  • To me. To me, it's not very useful. Better?
  • Both blink and marquee work. That's purty cool.
  •                                         We o                        We only have m We only have manual marquee. ave manual marquee. ee.
  • Every keystroke (or collection of keystrokes) is recorded (in IE 6) as a new page, so your back history gets filled up really quickly. Also, if you click back, the rendered side is "updated" but the raw html side isn't. Seems like really strange behavior.
  • Hey Chyren. I like this. I like it. I like you. Let's drink beer.
  • Awww, Chrid is sweet. Let's get out the kittens!
  • Yeah, let's drink beer. Bloody good idea.
  • Who gives a shit?
  • Who gives a bloody shit.
  • Who gives a bloody shit. Someone who's eaten a lot of beets, for one.
  • I like this. Cheers, Chyren