September 09, 2005

Tuesday, 7 September 2005, 9:30 AM Pacific
A Lexus SC 430 convertible speeds down a sunny street in Cupertino. The top is down. Brushed Metal is behind the wheel, stabbing at the buttons on his mobile phone. We hear the connection ringing. Brushed Metal’s agent, Mike, answers.
  • Ha!
  • BM arrived to his place. He opened his Lexus' trunk. Gagged, bound, already bloody Vista stares at him in horror. BM's fury gives way to glee. 'Oh boy, we're gonna have a party, now....' GUI fanfic. I've hit rock bottom.
  • I still like Aqua. Brushed metal is too edgy for me. This new thing sounds scary.
  • meanwhile the System 7 GUI is languishing in a retirement home, deaf and mostly blind.
  • You could see Copland on his little stool on a corner, playing the harmonica. His cardboard sign, "Never had a chance, please give what you can", grimier with dirt as the days passed. I used to give him a quarter now and then, and once, an egg salad. He was thankful and cheery. One day he didn't show up on the corner anymore.
  • amazing, that was the first thing ever on daring fireball that hasn't immediately made me think that Gruber is a total asshole.
  • what Chyren said.
  • I've had Macs since 1984, but I've never masturbated while gazing lustfully at one. Just, you know, for the record.
  • Oh come on people. Are you serious? You spend your time participating in a web forum and have the gall to call others "nerds?" There's this thing you might have heard of…it's called a mirror. Besides, nerds are fuckin' hot!
  • what douggles said. all of it.
  • UBER-NERDS!!!!!!!