September 09, 2005

Bay Area Monkeys: Meeting up at Yentruoc's! Attention Bay Area Monkeys! As mentioned at the last meetup, yentruoc is having a party this Saturday - all the more reason for us to congregate once more.

You'll have to drop yentruoc some e-mail for the actual details. I'm hoping that the peninsular location will entice other SF Bay Area monkeys who couldn't make it up to the city the last time around. Who's in? Who's out?

  • I forgot to mention - I'll be heading down for the festivities myself. Anyone want to carpool?
  • I think I might be able to make this shindig.
  • Woo-hoo! I'll bring shinguards then.
  • I'm really sorry to have to miss this, I'll be out of town. I'd tell you to have fun, but I'm too bitter about missing it. Damn.
  • All of you can eat poo.
  • And when I say "eat poo," I mean of course to buy me a plane ticket so I can come hang out at a meetup.
  • Just wanted to mention: thanks for the shouties at the last frisco meetup! I'm officially changing my adopted Mofi home-city from New York to San Franscisco. Suck it, big apple! I'm declaring myself a left-coaster as of now.
  • I've still never had my first shout-out... Not that I'm asking. Just sayin'. *sniff*
  • argh!! I dont think I can make it *sniff* have a banana for me, monkeys!
  • I was meaning to go to SF this weekend, decided against it. If I can get a last minute ride from any monkeys from the San Jose or Santa Cruz area though, I'll change plans again =)
  • Thanks for posting this ooga_booga! I'd be thrilled if lots of monkeys showed up. Here is a link to the evite. I hope that works. I don't know if you'd be able to rsvp with that link, but you can feel free to just show up, or call and let me know you're coming.
  • LoopyG: I've bussed from Santa Cruz on the 17 Express and caught the BART (is it the BART? I forget) train north before. Doesn't cost much but you have to go fairly early in the morning, from memory.
  • Ya, I know. That was going to be what I did today. Then I got into work (2 hrs late from drinking) and read this post, saw it was too late to go with that plan. By the way, the train is CalTrain, BART doesn't start until Millbrae. Anyways, if I am going to SF this weekend, I'd need to get there tonight, so was hoping for a late minute Friday afternoon ride. =) Seeing as how it's now nearly 2 P.M., it's looking unlikely.
  • LoopyG - the party's down in Redwood City, though, not SF. I can see how that would still require coming over the mountains and taking the train, though.
  • yentruoc - no problemo! I'm just sorry I didn't get off my butt and post this sooner.
  • Dear Bay Area Monkeys, One of these days, you must have a meetup when I am physically in the state of California and at least have a fighting chance of making the trek up north to bask in your monkey glow. I beg you. Sincerely, mandyman MoFiLA Chapter member
  • Many thanks to yentruoc for a fine, fun evening! Much fun was had, but due to the twin responsibilities of the boozing and the dancing and the games to facilitate the boozing, no photographic evidence was recorded of last night's activities, naked or no. Perhaps this is for the best.
  • Well, it may be the best for YOU MONKEYS, but quite frankly it does nothing for the rest of us! (Glad you had a good time. Still jealous)
  • Space Kitty: This just puts the onus on us Bay Area monkeys to have a bang-up meetup and take lots of photos at the end of the month, doesn't it? But I don't *want* to be exposed to onus!
  • I'm bummed I wasn't able to make it, but on the plus side I did spend much of the night naked.
  • Dirty minds! That's not what I mean!
  • hmmm... "bummed" and "naked" in the same sentence. What did you mean?
  • Oh noes! I was unable to go as well, and my last hope was the photographic prowess of oogabooga and monkeys. Happy Birthday, Yentruoc. Belated. Damn.