September 09, 2005

Incredible hand paintings by a body painter whose unique canvas is the human hand.
  • How did you un-ban yourself?
  • What, no puzzles?
  • Cool. Give that man a hand!
  • I think I'm losing my mind. I could have sworn I banned bobbo11. I know I eeked the links, maybe I decided (for unknown reasons) not to ban him. Help!
  • Maybe he posted this before you banned him, and this post had been caught in time due to freak chronoflux, and only recently got jarred loose.
  • Oooh, I know! Bobbo11 is tracicle's sock puppet that she uses to live up the place when people complain there haven't been enough eeked threads.
  • /head spins Maybe we should keep him around as an eek-generator. Anyway, is this post actually eekable? The pictures are kind of cool.
  • I like the pictures, too. They're so cool that I wanted to cry "photoshop!" Don't you ban people by changing their passwords? Maybe he figured it out. or maybe you are crazy. First the images thing, now the banned have risen from beyond. What next?
  • The elephant is nice. The natural surface of that webbed area between thumb and index finger adds another level of texture to the elephant's skin, as opposed to being covered up by the paint as it is with some of the other animal hand paintings.
  • The artist's webpage is a bit more informative. (Some NSFW.)
  • Hmm. On the chance that the poster's banning had something to do with self-linking, maybe the linked page could be replaced with the artist's website, which contains lip and back paintings too, among others. Here's a page with the hand paintings. Anyway, if you use those links you won't have to go through a blinding ad the first time. on preview: yeah, flongj
  • Good idea, guava. I've change the link to be on the safe side. And the guy deserves a direct link.
  • And imagine having this on your bedroom wall.
  • whose unique canvas is the human hand I didn't poke around that much because many of the images are NSFW, but I didn't see any where the "canvas" was a hand; mostly they were painted on bare chests and faces, no?
  • May be NSFW depending on your W, but try looking at the bottom half of the specific page I linked above for animal portraits painted on hands.
  • The first link I tried from the main site was fotografie, which is NSFmyW. Thanks for the direct hand link, those are fantastic.
  • Interesting: I just got a forwarded email from a friend with the linked pictures attached. The artist is getting some good publicity.