September 06, 2005

Watch it shred A movie gallery of actual shredding; from the ordinary but tough, to the surprising.
  • *imagines what trying to clear a "refrigerator jam" would be like*
  • Debbie Harry would be quite pleased. The way the bale of aluminum just bounces on top, I had the urge to push it down with my hand. Anything to end up on Workman's Comp, I suppose.
  • Holy crap! It eats a washing machine and a refrigerator? What the hell is this thing made out of? How do they keep the metal from jamming up the machine?
  • btw, I want to see it shred another SSI shredder that's also running. Who would win?
  • What's dude doing handling medical waste bare-handed?
  • Wow, America's credibility in the world community went quick. Cheney never should have given this to W. Bad medicine. sorry, sorry - carry on
  • As I watched it chew up the offroad tire, I thought to myself, "What, no babies?"
  • Now this makes the woodchipper in Fargo look like a kiddy toy!
  • Anyone else read this post and think of, like... Slash?
  • This is fucking awesome. Seriously as I watched it, I turned into a five year old kid. Is that good or bad?
  • The boat...the boat made me tremble with a delightful giddiness. A refreshing feeling I recommend to all.
  • "..made me tremble with a delightful giddiness." Yeah, that'd be a first time for you, huh? :D
  • Oh yeah! Sometimes the trembling makes me drop a bill, then I have to start counting all over :)
  • Anyone else read this post and think of, like... Slash? I was thinking more of speedmeisters like Marty Friedman or Jason Becker, but... yeah.
  • I liked that after the plastic toys got destoyed there was an unholy noise. Like the howling of some beasts, who drive the sleigh of some dark anti-santa, might let forth.
  • It's a good thing I can't get close to one of those things. The same compulsion that leads people to spit off a bridge would demand I throw something small in there. Then something else. Something larger. A toaster. *I lean forward to watch. My TV. *Closer. A chair. *Eyes open wider. The desk. *Leaning more. A couch. *More. The car. ARRRRRRRRGGGAHHHA!