September 06, 2005

Celebrating the 3700 Who Didn't Die As we un-eagerly await the death toll from the KatrinaFema Disaster to rise, let's look back nostalgicly at the only disaster where the death toll dropped by more than half. Here's a serious analysis of why it happened. There were some intentional hoaxes, but mostly confirming the death claims was "labor intensive".

Was I the only person who considered the lowering numbers a reason for great relief and encouragement (as well as a reason to distrust the post-9/11 fear-mongering)?

  • Hmmm...Monkeyfilter an "intentional hoax?" T-Dog's gonna kick your heinie for that!
  • And yes, I was relieved when the numbers fell. But I wasn't surprised. I didn't seriously think that they would be able to get an accurate count, given the state of the bodies.
  • okay, I don't know where the link went, but I already stated MonkeyFilter is a typocracy... intentional hoaxes
  • I expected the numbers to fall, because it was kinda obvious that the media kept using the largest number they thought they could get away with, without regards to whether it was likely in anyway.
  • Maybe I'm a sappy old thing, but I am always pleased to hear numbers much lower than predicted. Losing even one person is a tragedy.