September 06, 2005

The Oculas
Light adjustment through a complete spectrum of hues and brightness levels, built-in massage chair, surround-sound system, flat-panel video screen, DVD, video gaming, internet, all controlled by an interactive touch screen. I think it needs a serving hatch because I'm not coming out to cook.
  • Exactally who buys this kinda shit? Wait, let me scrape together a bit of spare change and we'll get one for the dog.
  • That's the best babysitter EVAR
  • Item 10913-A. Optional outside lock with wine & cheese feeder helps entertain and fatten your wealthy livestock until ready for the fall harvest. $45,900.00
  • Open the pod-bay doors, HAL. Open the pod-bay doors, HAL!
  • Mental image -- nerd with too much money wanking all day to internet porn. In supreme comfort.
  • Knick: Why waste it on the kids? Climb in there and lock the door. Bet'cha can't hear 'em whine from there.
  • For $45 grand I'd expect it to also include a La-Z-Boy Reclining Toilet. I don't care who buys this stuff - I want to know how I can get in on designing absolutely useless overpriced crap for people with more money than sense.
  • I thought I'd see if they retain their value and sure enough on eBay. I mean man! he won it in a competition and he could be up £6,400.00. Here's someone who'll sell you a DIY set of plans - (these plans tell you step by step including all safety precautions how to build an LCD Projector, Oculas and all the parts you require which can be bought quite cheap on ebay.) Yeah right.
  • And here's a sale.