August 30, 2005

The World Challenge An interesting BBC World & Newsweek competition aimed at "finding individuals or groups from around the world who have shown enterprise and innovation at a grass roots level" with a focus on environmental responsibility and community development. The 12 final projects are interesting in their own right, and also for a look into the communities being helped by the innovation. Highlights include coconets in the Philippines, rechargeable batteries in Vanuatu, and cooking fat as diesel substitute in Malta.

You can vote for your favourite at the site, and BBC World will apparently be running short videos on each project in September.

  • This is awesome! Good post, livii. ))
  • Be interesting to see how this project develops.. thanks, livii!
  • Thanks livii. This is one of the best posts I have come across since being a "filter" member. Good luck to all competitors.
  • Great reading livii. Was particularly pleased to see that it included initiatives in the developed North as well - one thing working in these kind of grassroots projects in the South has taught me is how much we could do with more of the participatory spirit back home.
  • Excellent post, livii, thank you. ((((
  • Glad you all liked it! *eats nanners*
  • [this is awesome]. I hope that we can move down from the perception that high tech is always better than low-tech, especially if it puts so much pressure and unfairness on the developing nations. This is a good way to go. *thumbs up*
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