February 13, 2004

Their deals were just too good Customers of Poland run amok.
  • Hey look - it's not just us crazy Americans that go crazy for bargains. wee. No seriously, can anyone shed a little context here?
  • Here's the story (scroll down to "Riot Scene").
  • It was originaly posted here but my german sucks so I don't understand half of it. The venue is a grand opening of a new tech store afaikt.
  • They're mad because their last names are so hard to spell.
  • Or what goetter said...
  • Looking at the fist pic, security having trouble holding back the large crowd from entering the building. Why would you even open your buisness at this point, beside seeing $$$?
  • Isn't $$$ the idea behind business?
  • Yet netting vandalism rioting & looting is worthless.
  • How many people would have taken advantage of the crowds and simply walked out withou paying? Not to mention the damage to the store, risk of lawsuit (although I don't know how litigious Poland is in general) or even being charged with breaking some law -- surely they're not so greedy that they didn't think of the possibilities and the fact that they could end up poorer in the end?