August 04, 2005

Curious George: Internet Connect is driving me batty I just got my first mac a few weeks ago, and just recently it's started acting up. Every hour or so Internet Connect pops a little window...

that says 'This is your reminder that your connection is still active. Do you wish to remain connected ?'. It wasn't doing this last week. Any idea why this is happening, or how I can get it to stop? In case it helps: It's a mac mini, and I'm on dialup.

  • get broadband... this isn't the 80's... :)
  • I have no idea how to help, but I feel your pain.
  • Try the Network Preference pane > Show: Internal Modem > PPP > PPP Options. Uncheck "Prompt every x minutes to maintain connection", or change it to 3 hours or something. Internet Connect has been bugging me, too. Only recently whenever I emerge from Sleep mode I can't connect to the internet via Airport for a good 5, 10 minutes now. But I think this may be a Bell thing.
  • Take a look here; look at the second letter on the page. In the future, if you get any sort of strange message from the system, like this one, try searching for it as a phrase on Google; it usually turns up something useful. On preview: gah, beaten to the punch.
  • I think I have an addiction to semicolons...
  • At least it's not an addiction to colons.
  • or the contents therein
  • dayfat you have saved my sanity.