February 12, 2004

You got Beatles in my Jay-Z! No, you got Jay-Z in my Beatles! ... Mmmm ... If you're particularly snotty about your British Invasion or your rap music, you probably don't want to visit.
  • If you're curious about the absolute sexiness that is the smashup, peek inside
  • I'm no Jay-Z fan, but 99 Problems (mixed to Helter Skelter) is cool shit.
  • DangerMouse is awesome. Well, there's probably SOME connection...
  • Get it while you can, though. The latest news is that all the copies of it have been pulped (or whatever they do to records).
  • This is excellent. Great find boo-radley.
  • I can't wait to get home and dl this. Soulwax does a lot of great tracks in this vein as well, for those interested. Of note: A Stroke of Genius: Christina vs. The Strokes I Wish/Eye of the Tiger: Skee-Lo vs. Survivor etc. etc. You can usually find a few samples on your favorite p2p.
  • I've been listening to this for a few weeks now. I like it better than the actual album. Props to waxy for posting.
  • shotsy : yeah, I scan for Freelance Hellraiser and the incredibly versatile string "vs." when I'm on the p2p thingummies. Quite frequently the smashups sound tons better than the originals. I've got one of Electric Six's "Disco Commander" with Nirvana that's ... *consults dictionary* ... fuckin' brill, mate.