July 21, 2005

Ferrari = Red car with a horse (silly link of the day)
  • See, that's just wrong. That animal should be in a carrier; unrestrained animals in cars are a serious road safety danger.
  • I like how the guy's adjusting his rear view mirror, as if he can see out the back.
  • I just hope to God they never park up in Enumclaw, Washington - or if they do, at least keep that other rear window tightly wound up.
  • Fears a horse will never be just a horse anymore in MoFi...
  • I would so fuck the shit out of that horse.
  • I like the sort of resigned expression on the horse's face.
  • I like the sort of resigned expression on the horse's face. "Here we go, I suppose I'll have to be on top again."
  • Is that how the pony express runs now? I bet that one extra horsepower is what gets your smail coming through the rain and sleet and sh*t like that.
  • Renault: Le(i) Car
  • Dare one ask. Does the car get extra horsepower? *Sloppy drumfill from bored snaredrummer*
  • /collapse
  • I don't know my equines, but I think that's a mule or donkey, not a horse. Mainly because I do know a horse wouldn't fit back there.
  • Uh, no, it's a horse. A pony or perhaps a miniature breed.
  • Not without perforating your upholstery, anyway.
  • It reminds me of the Simpson's episode where Homer buys Lisa a horse and drives it home in the back of his car. I couldn't find a picture of it, but a Google search on "Homer Simpson" brought up this image. My work here is done.
  • "Hi - sexyrobot here. You know, people often ask me, "Hey sexy, what confectionary snack goes best with a cell phone?" Well, I'll tell you: donuts. They're totally fucking cellphone-o-riffic. I'm sexyrobot, and that's my sexy thought for the day."
  • Goetter wins.
  • It just doesn't seem big enough to fit a whole horse in there.