July 13, 2005

MYPETCAMS is the world’s first website that lets you use your webcam to watch your pet from any computer in the world for FREE! Which, of course, begs the question: Do you really want to know what your pets do while you're at work?
  • Yes! I have a particularly weird and very badly behaved cat I'd love to spy on during the day. Of course, I'd probably then learn that my other cat, the little angel, is the little terror while we're gone while the bad one just sleeps.
  • i'm sure some pets just work on their homework.
  • Pupfilter.
  • you mean like this minda?
  • Exactly! :o)
  • Who needs a petcam? I can come home and pick up the shredded remnants of my shoe, chair, books and trash can and deduce the whereabouts of my pet during the day.
  • An argument that improperly assumes as true the very point the speaker is trying to argue for is said in formal logic to “beg the question.” Here is an example of a question-begging argument: “This painting is trash because it is obviously worthless.” The speaker is simply asserting the worthlessness of the work, not presenting any evidence to demonstrate that this is in fact the case. Since we never use “begs” with this odd meaning (“to improperly take for granted”) in any other phrase, many people mistakenly suppose the phrase implies something quite different: that the argument demands that a question about it be asked—raises the question. If you’re not comfortable with formal terms of logic, it’s best to stay away from this phrase, or risk embarrassing yourself. oh my god, i've hideously embarrassed myself! someone beat me, please.
  • "Begs the question" is simply a phrase that has evolved beyond its original meaning. This is the way language changes. A hundred years ago, the word "handicapped" didn't apply to anything but bets. Go back a few more centuries and "nice" didn't mean someone who was touchy-feely. Language is a continually evolving thing. It is fluid -- particularly English. It's a bastard language, build on pidgins and convenience. If more people think "begs the question" means "provokes the question," well, then, the phrase has evolved. What are you, French?
  • musingmelpomene - If that were so, words and phrases would be open to any gopher bookcase throwing limelight Pepsi yellow harving gadger sastunable turpadoop! Sorry about the derail, SideDish. Here's my pet cam. (The cat's never on the bed anymore, though.) Reading the tutorial, it seems that MYPETCAM turns your connected machine with webcam into a base-level streaming video server. Not sure if that's wise with certain broadband ISPs.
  • hey i have that comforter too brownpau. heh.
  • time to fire up the languagehat signal...
  • Anyway. A petcam is a good idea, and you don't need that badly designed website's services to do it. A webcam or two, a USB cord or two, a broadband connection, some appropriate software such as ZoneMinder (or something similar, see Google or Freshmeat.net) and you're set. And such rigs are not only good for watching pets too. Have a nanny or babysitter? Teenagers? Maybe a wall safe or liquor cabinet?
  • Is that cat in the second link still breathing??
  • It's a furry face-hugger. That dog is soooo screwed when it comes round.
  • *answers signal, sees that musingmelpomene has done a fine job of dealing with the snotty derail, awards her the LH Seal of Excellence, flies off again into the night to search for malefactors elsewhere*
  • Ummm, I hate to be overly critical - but what makes their service special? I've been streaming webcams focused on my living room and cat food bowl for years now. It's not like streaming web apps are new..