July 11, 2005

  • Thanks, that's really frustrating.
  • Yay! Two consecutive posts that don't work for me! I am *so* exclusive! Solaris 10 on Intel! Fuck yeah! No hope of browser compatibility! Firefox on Linux! Fuck yeah! That's _so_ going to work! (ask 'where (locate-presence 'kid (variety 'quidnunc)))
  • Quoth Chy: Blargle!
  • This is very sweet. Just challenging enough to keep me interested, and solvable without too much hair-tearing.
  • The other stuff on " Vector Park " is neat too. I keep hoping for more, but it hasn't updated in a long time.
  • New to me... I can't get past the old man face. I don't get it, there's more objects the hooks to put them on.
  • the hooks = then hooks
  • All that work and all I get is some applause sound effects? Oh well. techsmith: has your snowman melted yet? wouldn't want that hat to get misshapen. *nudge nudge*
  • then hooks = than hooks
  • dude that was fun yeah, something happens to the snow man, it's a hint
  • Motherfucker, that's maddeningly addictive.
  • wasn't this posted to mefi a thousand years ago?
  • 1021 years, to be exact... still fun tho.
  • wasn't this posted to mefi a thousand years ago? This ain't mefi though.
  • Although it is a double, thus the "blargle" reference. Fun stuff at the site, though.
  • Awesome. Thanks. Anyone have a slingshot?