February 09, 2004

NationStates An online nation simulation game. You create your own country, fashioned after your own political ideals, and care for its people. Either that or you deliberately torture them. It's really up to you. Created by the author of Jennifer Government, Max Barry.

My nation is the Incorporated States of Macaqua.

  • I like the options: Government Style: Sensible Liberal Conservative Compassionate Oppressive Corrupt Libertarian Anarchic Evil Psychotic (I like the implication that none of the others are sensible, at least)
  • Oh, and I rule the The Most Serene Republic of Bovus 3. Currently a Civil Rights Lovefest. I really must work to change that. (Great post, tracicle) I hope there's a disasters option that I can wreck my country with. /sim city flashback
  • When I played, the people of The Free Republic of Genesee lived in fear of the Church of Cthulthu. Playing a theocracy whose god plans on eating the world gives you interesting options. Poor bastards had compulsory nudity too. Made it that much harder to hide books.
  • I am SO all over this. The Holy Empire of Forksclovetofu is gonna KICK ASS!
  • k, but you have to join the region now known as Monkey Loving Human Eaters.
  • I really liked this game, and was playing in all seriousness - but after a while I just got stuck on "Inoffensive Centrist Democracy". I made nudity mandatory! What more do I have to do?! That said, my country of 1.34 billion has no crime. NB: if you forget to log in for 21 days, your nation will die. You have to remember to set it on vacation mode. I was reminded the hard way.
  • tracicle - excellent find. I read Jennifer Government about a year ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I haven't seen it since as it's making the rounds of my workplace. Thanks for the link. The Republic Of AlbuqueerqueDotCom is pretty righteous.
  • Interesting, IgSlut - I have a book voucher and haven't been able to choose what to use it for. Jennifer Government sounds worthwhile.
  • I recently read Jennifer Government, and while it's quite enjoyable as satire, as a critique of corporatism it's rather broadly written, making its points (or more particularly, exaggerating the author's imo more-than-occasionally unjust prejudices) for visceral effect as opposed to critical scrutiny. It's not a bad read, but as polemic it breaks down quickly. In my opinion, of course.
  • It's not a bad read, but as polemic it breaks down quickly. Agreed. Good game, though.
  • Well, I've just established The Most Serene Republic of Diddleum (For all your basket weaving needs). It seems like a very nice place. Oh, look at the myriad universities, nestling qietly in the verdant forests! And also sounds spookily similar to all other monkey-created nations...
  • I've half a mind to start up the Evil Nation of Festoria and take over all these other wuss countries filled with university students and forests. Bovus3 looks ripe for an invasion by my fell legions... and that inoffensive centrist democracy? They'll play ball. Suckers! They're next.
  • While the Commonwealth of BjornZone is a young nation, I have great hopes for my citizens. Don't know what their obsession is with gambling and woodchips though. And I'll have to do something about that "inoffensive" bit.
  • The Issue In a bid to provide a new revenue stream for Forksclovetofu's Beef-Based Agriculture industry, it has been suggested that monkeys could be added to the menu. The Debate "The fact is, the monkey population is out of control," says Beef-Based Agriculture spokesperson George W. Licorish. "We have to do something about them anyway, so why not market them as tasty snacks? We could have monkey kebabs, monkey pies, monkey-on-a-sticks--the possibilities are endless! Let's not pass up this golden opportunity to provide a feast, if you will, for our economy." [Accept] "I agree that something needs to be done about monkey over-population," says random passer-by Sue-Ann Li, "but eating them? That's kind of gross. Let's just shoot the ones we have to and shovel their bodies into ditches like normal." [Accept] "I am shocked and appalled!" declared SPCA President Zeke Dredd. "If anyone needs to be culled, it's us humans. The monkeys were here first, remember? We need to take this as a sign to get our industry--agriculture in particular--to back off. The monkey is part of what makes Forksclovetofu a great nation!" [Accept] I'm leaning towards A...
  • Monkey-on-a-stick, mmm.
  • Let them eat ape.
  • Hmm, I hope BjornZone doesn't have to contend with such a question. MoFi minions might call for santions.
  • I chose not to allow my ringtailed lemurs to be eaten.
  • But.. but... it's hard having so much power! I just don't know the good basket-weaving people of Diddleum would do if our aye-aye population were to explode in that manner. Oh, the pressure of fledgling civilisation...
  • So far at the Republic of Ambergris the big issue is the very weighty representation of minorities in soap operas... I'd look forward to something I could really sink my teeth into, but not a monkey.
  • Bush meat.
  • It's likely that AIDS also originated from chimp meat. Maybe it's better to kill and bury the suckers in case other apes are carriers.