February 09, 2004

Will Hung is 2004's Bubb Rubb
I've watched American Idol once and found it repulsive (not in a "i don't own a tv" way, in a "I loathe 'reality' programming" way) but Will Hung has rapidly become my new hero. Geeky Civil Engineer student by day, international mega-celebrity by night. The petition to put him back on the show has almost garnered 23,000 signatures. He bangs.
  • Does "he bangs" mean "he's great"? Because over here it means "he fucks". *hides pants*
  • no!!! he sang some song that i'm sure is very popular and famous but i have no clue as to what it is, the chorus of which is "she bangs! she bangs!" he had some AWESOME moves to those lyrics. heh. he's my favorite so far too! and he had such a great attitude. "they'll either love me or hate me." yup!
  • more on this cool guy here
  • the song in question is by Ricky Martin. i wasn't aware of this at first, but I think it simply accentuates the image to juxtapose this hunky hispanic hearthrob with mousy will. HAR HAR! I like the skrooloose remix the best. it captures his aura of hope and silliness.
  • his attitude is so great! as he said, he did his best and has no regrets. and he picked up his backpack and marched into the sunset.
  • sidedish: I think we need to link here more often. FPP wasn't enough for ya?
  • oops!!! my apologies. i shouldn't have tried to post today. yesterday i put to sleep my 20-year-old cat. my brain is still scrambled!
  • Both of y'all should look here first. How old is this guy? 12?
  • Oh, Dish, I'm sorry. That's awful.
  • thanks goetter. don't want to derail the thread but, yeah, Arf was a great cat. and healthy until the very end! i was fortunate to have known him.
  • My sympathies as well, SD. We lost our cat of 16 years (Aristotle) at the end of last year. It's tough.
  • Sorry about your cat, SideDish. The fact that your cat lived to twenty is amazing. That's Bob Hope years in cat time. As for Willian Hung, I saw the link on Milk and Cookies. He was just bad. He wasn't even bad in in a funny way. I couldcare less if he gets on American Idol. Personally, I rather listen to Kathleen Hanna sing Anti-Pleasure Dissertation Plus, she's cute and scary. She would kick William Hung's Ricky Martin-loving ass. I would rather see people like Kathleen Hanna get a plug than some hack that never had a chance on an awful show like AI.
  • I agree about Kathleen Hanna - Le Tigre are fucking brilliant.
  • Wow. Le Tigre are the shiznit. Thankyou for alerting me to their shiznit.
  • Le Tigre on American Idol, eh? GET OFF THE INTERNET!
  • Forky, you get off the internet! But don't forget to update your stats counter first.
  • it's sparkling sully. dude, yr. so crazy.
  • Le Tigre's dad Richard Fateman is also effin brilliant.