June 30, 2005

Curious George: Firefox recent addresses I was wondering if there is a way to remove specific URL's from the drop down address bar in Firefox.

I am annoyed by the evidence of my own poor spelling and sloppiness. My dropdown address bar has a bunch of stupid mistakes in it. Things like "http://www.monkeyfilter.com/gmail.com" and "http://flickrr.com". I'd like to get rid of them WITHOUT nuking the rest of my history. Anyone got any ideas?

  • Certainly! Highlight it with the arrow keys (i.e., without clicking), then press Shift+Del. This and other tips can be found on this forum topic on mozillazine.
  • Woo! Thank you so much! I thought I had tried every variation of clicking and deleting!
  • Good link there, tensor, thanks
  • Now that someone else has brought it up, any way to do the same thing with internet explorer?
  • sure, ladyknight - use firefox!
  • I fondly remember the time I got a tech support call (almost ten years ago, my god!) from a maybe 12 year old kid asking the same question about Netscape, because "his dad asked him to clear it out." Uh huh. Sure, kid. Here's how.
  • Yeah, it's really because of sloppy spelling! It's not from searching for HOT GIRLS + PEE or anything. :D
  • It is SO sloppy spelling! I sloppy spelled all my favorite scat munching pr0n sites.