June 27, 2005

Suck: the complete history [via]
  • You know you're bad when you still miss Suck.com. Which I do, it was one of first regular visits. It was very high quality.
  • You know you're bad old when you still remember about Suck *sigh* Ah, the mile long column. The precise, iconic illustrations. The cynical attitude and humor. The drunken fish...
  • I'm old and bad then, because I still miss Suck.
  • You know you suck when you don't even remember suck for that matter... *struggles to recall telnet line commands*
  • ah, those were the days... followed by months and months of unemployment, of course.
  • Just thought I'd pop in to almost derail the thread by noting that I know the author of this article. In fact, he performed my wedding ceremony.
  • I've been online since 1994. What is/was "Suck.com"? Was it another elite thing nobody told me about?
  • Well, yeah. We meant not to tell you. Oops. I discovered them in 2000 when I became sophisticated enough / had a good enough grasp on english to understand the jokes.
  • Big D. Elite is all in the mind. They Suck(ed)