June 24, 2005

A trail of weird footprints found next to a creek, south of Broome (Australia), have folks wondering what beastie made them. Is it a cat, a Yowie (the Australian Yeti) a Bunyip (the Australian, er.. swamp thing), a bird-like thingie or just a fucking big dog? In other Oz Crypto news, misplaced big cats & Tasmanian Tigers are apparently 'out there'.

Plus: the Netherlands puma now caught on film and Scotland's big cat flap 'gives paws for thought' (fuck, when will journos ever stop with the crappy puns?) - sorry, I'm being catty.

  • I would fucking LOVE it if they turned up a Tasmanian Tiger living out in the brush somewhere. Have you ever seen the film of the last one they had in captivity, early 1900s? It's pretty amazing--it's an animal unlike anything you see today, and to think it's gone just makes me sad. It would be so exciting to find them alive. And make rugs from them.
  • and burgers. Mind you, being eaten by a wild animal is, in my opinion, a repectable way to die, so the bigger the critters out there the better, I say.
  • sorry, I'm being catty. You're madly keen! I wouldn't mind me a nice Tasmanian Tiger Tooth necklace. Ah, fine post by the way...
  • That's not a footprint. It's three footprints and a bum print. Three-legged bunny, taking a rest.
  • fish tick, you have caused me to laugh in an unseemly manner in the middle of the office: but I ask - if it had three legs, wouldn't it have a three-cheek bottom?
  • Not if it was wearing a very tight spandex skirt.
  • *muses idly over gait of British four-bunned bunnies*
  • I sort of visualised it like Jake the Peg for some reason.
  • My father-in-law (an Aussie) calls my mother-in-law "bunyip". I think he means it as an endearment.
  • ponders the pussiblity of ostriches in Oz leaving three-toed tracks across the outback moss
  • I like the sound of "bunyip". Bunyip, bunyip. Bunyip meets Biggles.
  • I like the sound of "bunyip". Bunyip, bunyip. Bunyip meets Biggles.
  • I don't think the tazmainian tiger grew large enough to make those prints, even as I'd love it if one was found alive. I too am of the opinion that it's a bunyip. A bunyip defined as: "some aussie joker who made giant 3 toed feet and tied them to his flipflops."
  • Think Jesus boots, folks...
  • Mr Morris brings something new to the table in these matters - he's been busily filing freedom of information requests to the various authorities. "It's the same uniform description of the same sort of big cats being seen from Queensland to Victoria over to the west," he says. Is there NO END to what the government will keep from us? Tasmanian Battle Tigers take over the free world!
  • Obviously these are the markings of extra-terrestrial craft. People always assume the aliens are the same height as we are.
  • You can find the movies here, a good wikipedia article here, and a compilation of recent sightings here. Thanks for the link and reference chyren and tenacious (or do you prefer TP?).
  • Update: film 3 really shows the cat-like movement the best, and there are stills from the intro page for those with limited internet speeds or patience.