February 08, 2004

Monkey Sex Song My pal Discothekid was "awoked up" by his upstairs neighbor having "monkey sex." He posted this song in response.
  • This is not about monkeys or monkey sex. Rather, it is the most hurtful kind of monkey slander. Monkeys, as we all know, are kind, thoughtful, and considerate creatures, who would only do the fully vocalized hoka-hoka at 3am in an apartment if they were on the first floor. Or the building had been abandoned by everybody else due to incoming hurricane. Or if the person living below us was completely useless. [throws feces at blog]
  • "you paint your 'partment wid a sponge" "kill endangered weasels and your dog smell like patchouli" good stuff.
  • "you know that shit be driving me crazy" he shoulda got on his amp and kicked it old-school until they stopped. "Dolphin-Safe love" sounds like a Songfight Suggestion