June 23, 2005

The Joy of being Five Years Old It's about drawing, daydreaming, flying, monsters, and blocking up traffic. It's about how time spent with kids is never wasted. Five years old, I was that once. This video brings it all back.
  • Credit to Lemonfridge over on Mefi
  • I saw this a short while ago and got all choked up. In fact I liked it so well that, on an impulse, I ordered the CD. This song is far and away the best thing on it. The rest of it isn't exactly bad; it just doesn't distinguish itself... starts to have sort of a 'maybe we can get in on some of that Coldplay action' feel to it after a while.
  • All choked up and generally misty over here, too. That was one of the greatest things I've seen in a long while. Thank you StoryBored.
  • That turned my usual frown upside down. Thanks.
  • The Joy of being Five Years Old It's about drawing, daydreaming, flying, monsters, and blocking up traffic. And learning chess.
  • It made me misty too. I wonder why? Maybe because it's so easy to make five year olds happy, yet we don't always try?
  • Also great. By the same folks at Monkeehub.
  • But he's not wearing a seatbelt!
  • *group monkey hug* Something about the magic of childhood gets to me.
  • I think I'll wait until I'm in my secluded habitational pod to see that. Wouldn't like to disrupt the day's work at the offcie by sobbing and starting to wail like a baby. /touchy-feely today
  • Oh Jeez, now I'm all verklempt. Tawk amongst yaselves.
  • Very sweet. Wish I'd been a kid.
  • That was wonderful.
  • Oh. I knew this was gonna be painful. *wipes tear from eye* In case you quota of bittersweet memories isn't yet full, check out the flash music video for Creep, from the same artist. And if feeling in a window-jumping mood, don't even get near LowMorale, another of his sites filled with office drone angst. /goes looking for rusted spoon
  • Fab.
  • Great video. Thanks, StoryBored. Interesting technique difference between this one and Creep, mentioned above. If you view Creep's Flash file directly, you can tell that it was done directly in Flash - the vector graphics scale up to full-screen quite smoothly. This one, however, doesn't scale well at all. I wonder if it was even done in Flash or just ported over for display purposes. Another interesting tidbit I just noticed: in Creep, towards the end, a piece of paper appears on the well next to the guy. You can barely even tell anything's written on it, but if you zoom in, it says, "This is supposed to win me a number of things. If it doesn't, and there's a good chance it wont, then I'll see you at MaccyD's. I'll be the one asking if u want fries wit dat. I'm loooovin it!"