February 08, 2004

Kikkoman Extravaganza. Soy sauce hero will save us all from Banana and Shrimp. (japanese flash, via brainwashed) There is an English translation of one of Kikkoman's adventures here.
  • Delightfully odd--Dude, what is up with ol' Kiko's FISH SHAPED-HEAD?
  • Psst! Is this about our new shrimp overlords,dng?...dng? [Sushi? Gezundheit. Sushi? Gezundheit. Sushi? Gez...and wot about these wretched shrimp, eh?]
  • But will he save us from the singing carrots?
  • EEEeek! Don't be fooled: just look at them! Those carrots are really shelled shrimp wearing shredded banana leaves on their heads.