February 08, 2004

The Art of Susan Kare Those of you (possibly very few) not already aware of her will be shocked at the influence she has had on your daily life. Here's an interview, too.
  • a shiver went down my spine when I tabbed to Susan's homepage. Fascinating find, rusty.
  • that is incredible. look at the client list on her bio page! amazing.
  • Great stuff. She even designed the frigging cards for Solitaire!
  • Instant flashback to System 6.x on my Mac Plus. It wasn't so bad, back in the day. Big improvement on CPM+, anyhoo.
  • Well, being among the technologically challenged, I hadn't heard of her before. I'm impressed by her accomplishments.
  • Anyone seeking more early-Macintosh nostalgia should try to rustle up a copy of The Macintosh Reader, by Doug Clapp, published in 1992 and unfortunately out of print, which has many enlightening essays and stories about Apple and the Macintosh (about through the birth of the Mac II). That's where I learned about Ms Kare. The book provides an opportunity to think about where we thought we were going back then, and where we've actually gone. (It also includes a wonderful bit about Hypercard by Douglas Adams.)
  • That was neat. It's weird, I'd never thought to look and see who'd made the original icons. Great find rustcellar.
  • rustcellar - you're my new hero. Oh, and I think I love Susan Kare.