June 21, 2005

Censored Japan A-bomb stories published after 60 years and here they are. Sorry for two posts in one day, but THIS is significant!
  • Interesting.
  • Fascinating stuff. I've come to enjoy learning about "the last good war" from period documents like this, the Dr. Seuss political cartoons, and some of the animated shorts from the period (like the Fleischer Supermans, the Private Snafu cartoons--also created by Dr. Seuss--and the 2-disc Disney DVD that's coming up on my Netflix queue). As an amateur historian with professional training, I'm coming to appreciate how a period that is still in living memory is already an object of idealization that in some ways differs wildly from what available documents say about it.
  • Good post! )
  • For some strange reason I Googled the name of a soldier,mentioned in the third article, as having survived the Bataan Death March. I found this request from his grandson at www.bataansurvivor.com: "My grandfather was a survivor of the Bataan Death March. He passed away when I was only five and do not have any real information on him. His name was SSGT Miles Mahnke. He originally was from Illinois. Any help would be appreciated." I sent him a link to the story. Hope the email address listed from Jan. 2004 is still good.
  • Hey Immlass, there were somereal jewls from WB. As far as WWII propaganda "Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips" tops the list, as well as the uncle sam shorts. The private Snafu shorts were pretty boring. The "fighting Philipinos" porpagnda adverts were interesting as well. Disney had a good WWII propaganda wing as well.