June 20, 2005

I Love the British Let's hear it for a level playing field for potatoes!
  • i immediately read this important news item aloud to my colleague bill, who responded that yes, once he did think of the mighty spud as a "dynamic vegetable," and of late has been influenced badly by this "couch potato" phrase. there you go, timely reaction from this side of the pond.
  • It's not just potatoes that are subject to this vile calumny. How did the media describe Terry Schiavo? As being in a persistent vegetative state. This in the face of vegetables' proven health benefits when consumed responsibly as part of a balanced diet.
  • I am concerned, as a vegetarian, that my foodstuffs carry such perjorative baggage. How about a "couch sirloin," or better yet, "a couch rump roast? And why pick on couches? Do they not have feelings?
  • Glad to see someone has their priorities right.
  • Who knows but what vegetables are highly sensitive and passionate beings. Especially tomatoes.
  • I heard that the federal government is spending thousands of our tax dollars to see whether frogs are happier with teeth! I don't even wanna know if this is true or not. I just want to get the Diet Pepsi out of my keyboard. A New Yorker was in the South of France and could not understand why some guy from Idaho could attract so many girls on the beach and he had attracted no one. So he asked Spud, "How do you manage to attract all the girls and I attract no one?" Spud said, "Take a potato and tuck it in your swimmsuit, it drives the women wild." So the New Yorker stuffed a potato in his Speedos and paraded up and down the beach. After a great many hours, however, he still failed to arouse a woman. So the New Yorker went to see Spud again and said, "I've tried it Spud, it doesn't work!" Spud took one look at the New Yorker and said, "You might try putting the potato in the front of your bathing suit!" I'm from Idaho, and we're PROUD of our couch potatoes, dammit!
  • ooo ooo ooo wait! I've got another one: What do you call a lazy kangaroo? A pouch potato.
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  • I prefer the term "sedentary lifestyle enthusiast", thank you.
  • What do you call the ghost of a potato? A spectater. What do you call a tyrannical potato ruler? A dictater. What do you call an introspective potato that is made up of many smaller potatoes? A meta-tater. What do you call a potato that copies you? An imitater. What do you call a potato that's a very close friend but is also threatening? An intimate-tater. ouch! ow! ow Cut that out. OK, dammit. I'll stop.
  • Nice L.Ron segue, LaGatta!
  • Jesus murphey, if only I could come up with ones like that. Dem' farmers got good writters.
  • They tried to organise potato protests in London in the nineteenth century - but they were always cut down by the peelers.
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