February 08, 2004

If John Kerry And John Edward Had A Baby. Scroll down for Phresh Photoshop Phun!{via Wonkette.com}

Either way, I see John Lithgow in there somewhere...

  • Ach, man -- but that's a ghastly sight!
  • [...] large Edwards photos are in abundance. He really is the pretty boy of the campaign season. Cuter than that silver fox Clark? (Remember the silver-tongued Dan Quayle? Another pretty boy.)
  • Well I'm just gonna jump in and say as a straight white male I find articulate professionalism tempered with a passionate drive wildly attractive which means I'd let Howard Dean take me to the movies any day of the week. Kerry reminds me of Madonna----'s DAD. Edward looks like a date-rapist to me. Kucinich would just wanna take pictures. I'm just saying.
  • Kucinich? Nah, he'd get in on some hardcore dwarf action like that. That's what we need to do, elect our politicians based on bedroom competence. Make a game out of it. Bonus points if they do a flip on the dismount.
  • ew.