June 20, 2005

OK, OK, I know we've had "cat and dog fashion" sites before. But this one is just so... well, so very... um... sort of ... well, you gotta see it to know what I mean.
  • They look so uncomfortable.
  • Kitty does not look happy!
  • They do! This person is obviously not skilled in pet photography -- all of the pets look so damn resentful. (hee hee hee!)
  • now why would you say that, guys? heh.
  • God that's hot.
  • Was that Perry Farrell?
  • Snuggles in Dionsaur [sic] outfit. Snuggles in Lady Bug outfit. Snuggles in Turtle outfit. Snuggles in bed at midnight, sharpening his claws on owner's scrotum.
  • Snuggles looks either drugged or severely brain-damaged.
  • There's no reason why it has to be one or the other, Koko.
  • Fog humiliations.
  • =dog
  • Animals must think we're nuts. Well..know we're nuts.
  • "Was that Perry Farrell?" That was a double layer of wittiness. /applauds
  • oh and speaking of odd animal sites, we're heading to las vegas on wednesday and hope to see hypnopup. doesn't that look wonderfully bizarro??
  • Phwor, she's a bit of alright.
  • I'm just waiting for hypnopup to pee down that lady's arm.
  • I don't think Amber The Dog looks that annoyed, but man, I was thinking the same thing about poor Snuggles The Cat... that's a feline with murderous intent in his eyes if I ever saw one, but I think the court's sentence would be lenient in light of the evidence.
  • Yep. Snuggles is just waiting for his chance to kill. Poor, poor Snuggles. When my wife was in third grade, she used to dress her cat up in doll clothes. Not coincidentally, the cat was named "Claws". (She was a good kitty. Lived to 18 years old. Half the reason my wife liked me is 'cause her cat approved of me. Pour some milk out for my lost homey.) If you get past third grade and still feel that dressing up your pet is a good thing to do (except on Halloween, maybe!), well, damn. You need help. Do it now, before your little Precious snaps, remembers he or she is a carnivore, and goes for the throat.