June 16, 2005

"I just can't get over how beautiful Viceroy's yarn is." Don't waste that dander.

Turn it into a lovely jumper. Check out the tributes

  • but...does she do sausage?
  • And all these years, I thought I was just making a joke when I said there was enough fur around during shedding season that we could knit another cat.
  • That's it- I'm putting some Keepsake Hairballs on eBay.
  • Juno surprised his mom, Gail, with a scarf. wow. the pets actually knit these too! whaddya know. my pal linda with the 22 dogs could probably keep an entire high school in sweaters.
  • I wonder how my cat would react to a catnip toy knit from her own fur. hi kitfisto!
  • Probably with much hissing and scratching of the face, if she's anything like cat #1 at Kitfisto Towers. Hello koko chuck
  • She'd probably just look deeply disappointed, as she does every day. Maybe I'll just knit me a new cat.
  • Make sure your pet-sweater doesn't get wet. You'll stink like a wet dog for ours. Unless it's made of cat hair of course.
  • I wonder if I could get some of my own hair turned into a bobble hat - probably my best chance of retaining it.
  • A cat hair sweater would avoid the wet at all costs and wrap itself around your neck in panic should you ever get caught in the rain.
  • And I thought I was crazy for "weaving" Jonsie's fur into some archaic thread! Hmm, wonder if she can do anything with all of the claw bits left in the sofa?
  • Perhaps some kind of 'tribal' necklace?
  • This could be very, very good. The dogs who live downstairs (but who spend a lot of time in my apartment too), are non-stop disco shedding machines, and we've long talked about turning all that spare fur into something groovy. For awhile I was thinking about spreading adhesive on the floors and home-growing wall-to-wall carpet, but I'm sure I'd rather have a sweater that barks!
  • Where can I get me a non-stop disco shedding machine? Sounds fab.
  • A cat hair sweater would avoid the wet at all costs and wrap itself around your neck in panic should you ever get caught in the rain. Ah, kitfisto, that's the funniest thing I've heard in weeks! I would imagine there's a great demand for men's underwear made of cat hair.
  • Man. I've been taking cat hair and making felt with it. My cat's hair works well for this, I just brush him and then take the little ball of loose fur and rub it flat between my palms until it forms a little oval chunk of cat-felt. It doesn't work as well with my wife's cat. I swear he's half Maine coon, he's very fluffy, and I get big fistfuls of hair when I brush him. He really likes to be brushed hard to get through all the hair. Usually I end up with my shirt, arms and nearby carpet or furniture coated in cat detritus as well. I have a photo of my arm, post-brushing, it looks like a special effects wolfman transition is taking place. Cat hair yarn. It could work for us. Might have to start saving the cat-felt and hamster-sized hairballs instead of laughing at them and then throwing them away.