June 13, 2005

Holistic Hooping.
  • Oh please, no! *shutsdown computer* Now, my chakra is broken
  • Do not taunt Holistic Hoop.
  • *taunts Holistic Hoop with the magical rubellite wand*
  • Now you're in trouble.
  • *twirls the all-powerful wand*
  • now now now, don't forget, invoking the divine through Holistic Hooping, one can flow and freestyle their own unique trance dance. Creating a powerful energy vortex while spinning a Sufi’s prayer, fluid consciousness can come to you.
  • I can create a powerful energy vortex by spinning in my desk chair. If I do it for long enough, I throw up and get to go home.
  • Invoking the divine through Holistic Hooping™ They took their form of worship and trademarked it? You have to be a suberb kind of asshole to do something like that.
  • thought it was going to be mystically basketball related. was mildly disappointed when it wasn't. ahh well, hoop away holistic searchers. question: isn't Jesus trademarked?
  • Part of me can't believe this hasn't already been said. Holistic Hooping™ : "you know.... for kids!" the rest of me isn't surprised, though.