June 13, 2005

talk about taint: those in between places brought to you by the nonist and look, they've got brains and art *sigh*
  • "the fetishistic crisis always came suddenly, like a paroxysm, especially at moments of laziness. he would feel out of sorts, psychically moody, sexually excited, and impelled to masturbate." Isn't it like that for everyone? (great link!)
  • That's pretty much desribes me, pre-self pleasure. It's not like you are in the middle of surgery and ask the Anesthesiologist for a quick ten minute break. So, when you gonna be in LA, el hueso?
  • I thought we were going to be talking about chodes.
  • I thought we were going to have a chat about the perineum, myself. That's what I've always heard referred to as "the taint." (because it t'aint your ass and it t'aint your balls) squid: i start driving tuesday afternoon; aiming for arrival sometime on sunday the nineteenth, but the day before is a possibility.
  • perineums are chodes are taints.
  • Ah, I see! In my part of the world, "choad" was a rarely-used synonym for "jizz." Other terms for the perineum include the "tuppy" (used by friends in Chula Vista, CA) and "grundle" (which I learned in college from a friend who grew up in South Florida... I'm pretty sure I heard it used in the opening of the movie Dodgeball)
  • grundle? Wow, that's a great term. I can't wait to tell someone to munch my grundle. I think tuppy sounds alright, too, but only combined with licker.
  • Perineum is also known as "The Gooch". (Possibly NSFW, Definitely WMV)
  • also: "notma" (it's notma balls and it's notma ass.)