June 13, 2005

Jazz Guitar Primer
  • Wow! Looks like a pretty thorough treatment. Thanks, Jerry- I've got a sprog experimenting with guitar, and will send this on.
  • That's a cool link, thanks. Makes me think of Berklee's free lessons. Probly a repost on my part, but, I believe, a timely one.
  • Thanks both o'ya for the links! New and exciting ways for me to piss off my bandmates! ("could you play something, you know, a little simpler?")
  • This is awesome. Glad to see it online. If you are looking for something a bit more rock oriented (but covers some of the same ground), I recommend Richard Lloyd's lessons.
  • I've gotten some mileage out of the Berklee lessons, tcobretti, but I have been frustrated that nothing has been added there for years. So I got in touch with them and apparently they are adding a whole lot of new materiel soon. I sure hope so. The potential there is exciting. Thanks for the link, psmealey. I can't see it in Safari for whatever reason but I will check it out. I am desperate for this kind of stuff. As always I will plug Dolmetsch Online as a great resource.