June 13, 2005

Curious George: Help me find these songs... This has been bugging me for a while, and I just can't find the answer...

In the 90's, Magic the Gathering aired multiple TV commercials. One or two of these commercials (probably from around 97 or 98) featured background music that sounded suspiciously like a song of that time. What I am looking for is a copy of that commercial, and also the name of the song that it sounds like... Everything I find is dealing only with the more modern commercials. Argh! Please hope me.

  • Well, you heard him, Argh, get on it!
  • LOL
  • These commercials don't seem to quite fit the "song" bill... 1 2
  • Yeah.. those are the more recent commercials from, from the 2000's I believe. The commercial I am thinking of might have been for the Portal Beginner set that came out a while back, or one of the commercials where they tried to make a CCG look cool. Also, Argh, wtf? Shouldn't you have solved this by now?
  • I decided to see this place called "outside" this weekend. It's a strange and unfamiliar place full of much wonderment. It was fun. I may try it again in month or two. A member named Arivia at MiseTings claims to have a cd of the old tv commercials. It came free in an old Dungeon Magazine issue. Contact him, her, it.
  • I love you. Be careful outside, though. I've heard people -die- out there.
  • Be careful outside, though. I've heard people -die- out there. I hear people are found not guilty on all ten counts.